What is health?

Most people that I have consulted with have the mistaken idea that health is all about feeling good and having your “numbers” in the healthy range.  Health is actually much more than that. 

Health:  The condition of being sound in mind, body and spirit.  Especially freedom from physical disease or pain.  (Webster’s)

Now let’s discuss this definition.

The condition:  “Condition” refers to an operating state.  It also refers to material in a good state of repair.  Health is about a body that successfully maintains balance, heals properly and functions optimally.

of being sound:  Being sound means being able to withstand the stresses of existence.  It refers to how well we sense and adapt. 

in mind:  Our mind is responsible for utilizing data to formulate solutions that enhance survival.  The mind also is creative in that it takes suggestions from the spirit and figures out how to make the spiritual calling a reality.

body:  Our body is our tool to make the changes in the physical world and create the new reality that the spirit desires. 

and spirit:  The spirit is who we are.  The spirit formulates dreams and plans relating to what we want to accomplish.  We are not merely bodies.  We are spiritual beings.

This first part of the definition is about optimal functioning. The second part of the definition talks about the aspects of health that we are most familiar with.

Especially freedom from:  When we are free, we are unencumbered and have total license to do as we wish. 

physical disease:  Disease occurs when the cells, tissues, organs and systems of the body have been stressed, and have been unable to properly function and meet the demands that the stress has imposed.  If you continue to use and stress something that is not working properly, then it is going to break down. 

or pain:  Pain is a mechanism in the body that alerts you that there is a problem.  Your body does all that it can to cover for you and allow you to carry on, but when pain occurs, it is your body yelling for help because it is tired.  Pain also forces the body to rest.  However, this prevents you from doing your job in life.

So, health is far more than you have perhaps thought.  You can have a great cholesterol number and have less than optimum health.  Health is about function, adaptability and creativity.  And from those things come pleasure, happiness and survival. 

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