As your doctor, I am a staunch advocate for whatever approach is most appropriate for your situation.  There are some situations where medicine and medical intervention are necessary.  Unfortunately, those are often the cases that have persisted for too long and it is too late for a conservative, natural, non-invasive approach to lead to a satisfactory resolution.  Medicine may be the path to take in that situation.  My job is to know the difference and communicate that with you.  However, I will say that everyone, even those that are up against a tough medical situation, would benefit from the energizing and restorative effects of Chiropractic care, working in tandem with your medical care.

I am guided by the basic sciences of anatomy and physiology.  I also have over 25 years of practice experience where I have seen the application of these disciplines confirmed by success. 

Our purpose at Progressive Chiropractic is to help as many people as possible through Chiropractic care and to educate our community so that they may in turn educate others.  I need your help, though.  Get better.  Learn about Chiropractic and your health.  Tell others.  Please be assured that I stand ready to help your friends, co-workers, and family in any way that I can.

The choices you make will positively impact your quality of life, adding life to your years.  Good going, and welcome!