Vitalism asserts that a life-force enables a living organism to function, and that the activities of organisms cannot be explained by the laws of physics and chemistry alone. (Webster’s dictionary)

Materialism is the theory that matter is the only fundamental reality, and that everything can be explained as the result of matter.

Some believe that we are just a mess of chemicals that miraculously come together and function according to physical and chemical laws.  And others believe that there is a prime mover, a motivating force, a higher intelligence that organizes and animates matter.

Chiropractic is based on a vitalistic philosophy.  Chiropractic refers to this life force as “innate intelligence,” which some may understand better as spirit or qi or elan vital.  Innate intelligence directs and mobilizes the body through the nervous system.  Innate intelligence is always right, and the full expression of that intelligence is vitality and health.  Health problems arise when something interferes with the full expression of innate intelligence.  And the usual localization of that interference is in the nervous system in the form of the vertebral subluxation.

Anyone who is alive has innate intelligence.  Even the sickest people can make miraculous recoveries when their innate intelligence is unencumbered and given the chance to heal the body.  I am fortunate to have witnessed the profound changes that can occur when the interference to the full expression of innate intelligence is removed.  Take a look at our success story book some time.  It is in this way that Chiropractic can and has cured the incurable when all else (usually materialistic approaches) has failed!