Our office is a state-of-the-art facility with modern treatment and diagnostic equipment. It is tastefully appointed to create a feeling of comfort, healing, simplicity and relaxation.  For your convenience, efficiency policies are in place to reduce waiting.

Our facilities are uniquely equipped with x-ray, exam, treatment, and therapy equipment. New patients receive a case history to discuss their problem and decide if chiropractic services can help. If their problem appears to be a chiropractic problem, the doctor will then perform a thorough physical exam. The exam utilizes the latest orthopedic and neurological testing as well as range of motion studies, and both static and motion palpation. If needed, x-rays can be performed on-site to help pinpoint the problem and minimize delays waiting for outside services.

After the doctor has had time to study the situation, he will generally start care with a chiropractic adjustment. In many cases this is followed by therapy. As the condition allows, the patient may also receive rehabilitative (stretching and strengthening) exercises. In almost all cases, rehabilitation exercises work in perfect conjunction with the chiropractic adjustment, for long-term and sustained results.

Chiropractic involves treating the person as a whole, to aid the body in healing naturally. It has been know through the ages that good nutrition and diet coupled with rest, exercise and proper spinal alignment are an integral part of preventative health care. With that in mind, we also provide nutritional counseling services.

Adjunct therapies are also available as needed, including heat, ice, muscle stimulation and massage therapy.  Patients appreciate the honesty and integrity of the doctor to make straightforward recommendations to regain their health.