Love Dr. B!  and everyone in the office!  After repeatedly waking up with numbness/tingling in my hands and fingers last year, I am now sleeping comfortably.  No more tingling!  My neck was so out –of – whack, and now with repeated emphasis on that area, I can feel the results!


 Charleen A. 


"Dr. Bulitta and his staff are amazing. We bring our entire family even through each visit is a 2 hour round trip."

        - James C.


My success is simple:

I have had a significant decrease in the amount of pain I have in my lower back and definitely with my headaches since I have been coming here for adjustments.

I feel that this ease has come directly from my commitment to coming for treatment.

I would like to thank everyone for their kindness here.

Thank you very much!

   Erin S.


A few years ago I received a free massage gift certificate.  At this time my back had been bothering me for about 30 years.  Dr. Bulitta took me on as a patient.  At first, I was coming three times a week.  Now I come once a month.  My back problems are now minimal!  Also, I got added benefits, my sinus headaches are gone!  My seasonal colds are also now history.  I have recommended numerous people to Dr. Bulitta.    

Jay M.   


I have been dealing with pain in my lower back without any idea of how to proceed with treatment.  My company invited Progressive Chiropractic for an event and I had my first massage there.  I spoke with their staff about options and decided to come in for an initial exam.  After 13 visits, the pain in my lower back is not at all close to what it was.  I could not lay comfortably on the table face down for my first visit, and now it is not bothering me at all.  I also enjoy the interactive atmosphere of the office.  I am very happy to be feeling better without having to take any medication.


Jamie K. 


After my initial sustained pain in my right shoulder and arm that was becoming debilitation, Dr. Bulitta successfully relieved the pain steadily from the first session.

Within 10 days the pain was greatly diminished to the point of elimination.

Lou P. 


I was fortunate enough to experience a total relief from acid reflux, allergies, and neck pain through regular Chiropractic adjustments.  When I relocated to West Chester, PA I went over 9 months without getting adjusted.  Headaches and neck pain returned, and so did the daily ibuprofen.  Thankfully I was referred to Progressive Chiropractic and with regular treatments I am pain and drug free once again.  Refer a friend!

Ryan H.  



I started with Dr. Bulitta when a fellow choir member gave me a Christmas gift of a free massage and consultation.  I had been diagnosed with TMJ about 20 years ago for which I was given a night guard and muscle relaxants.  I really thought I was seeing Dr, Bulitta for lower back pain, but after treatment, I have not had a flare up of my TMJ at all.  I also felt that I was developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist, but I have not had any more symptoms since starting treatment.  

Stephanie T.