The mere fact that you are reading this means that you have made the choice to pursue chiropractic care to regain your health and abilities and maintain that healthy state for the future.  The choices you have made in present time will positively impact your quality of life; adding life to your years.  Good going, and welcome!

A happy life is a purpose driven life.  Our purpose at Progressive Chiropractic is to help as many people as possible through Chiropractic care and to educate our community; so that they many in turn educate others.  That purpose is the motivating force behind my writing these tracts and disseminating the truth.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to fulfill that purpose.  I need your help though.  Get better.  Learn about Chiropractic and your health.  Tell others.  After all, knowledge does confer upon you a responsibility to help others with your knowledge.  Please be assured that I stand ready to help you friends, co-workers, and family in any way that I can.

Chiropractic is a breath of fresh air in a health care environment that has been dominated by medical ideology.  Chiropractic philosophy and medical philosophy represent a dichotomy of thought.  Chiropractic philosophy suggests that health and vitality comes from within the body and health is the natural operating state.  All that is needed for healing is to remove the interferences, barriers, and obstacles to the full expression of health.  Medicine promotes the thought that disease, health and healing comes from outside the body.  The body gets sick due to the intrusion of external factors, is not able to heal itself without external medical intervention in the form of chemicals which alter body functions.  And, if a body part is found to be diseased, it needs to be removed from the body surgically.  This is a vast difference.

So, what is my stance concerning medicine?  Am I some wild-eye unreasonable Chiropractor that is totally anti-medicine?  Or am I a Chiropractor that is a medical doctor wanna be?  Well, I guess I’m a reasonable wild-eyed Chiropractor!  As your Doctor, I am a staunch advocate for whatever approach is most appropriate for your situation.  I mean that sincerely.  The fact is, there are some situations where medicine and medical intervention is necessary.  Unfortunately, those are the cases and situations that have persisted for too long and it is too late for a conservative, natural, non-invasive approach to lead to a satisfactory resolution.  Medicine may be the path to take in that situation.  My job is to know the difference and communicate that with you.  However, I will say that everyone, even those that are up against a tough medical situation would benefit from the energizing and restorative effects of chiropractic care, working in tandem with your medical care.

I have some pretty strong positions and have no holds barred communication style.  I am not out to bash the other side.  And I am not so self –righteous that I can’t allow another point of view.  I am guided by the basic sciences of anatomy and physiology.  These disciplines are the basis of truth and that is what I am most interested in.  I also have over 25 years of practice experience where I have seen the application of the truth of the confirmed by its workability and success.  Unfortunately, much of the propaganda we hear through the various media outlets pertaining to health, is so far from the truth, that it is frustrating and laughable.  The down side of knowing the truth is that you realize how many lies are out there and how we are being deliberately misled because of poser and greed.  Welcome to my world!  Arm yourself with the truth!