Chemical Stress

Every day we are subjected to stresses of all sorts. There are the physical, emotional, and chemical stresses of our daily lives. And remember, by stress we mean anything that the body is compelled to defend your body against or adapt to. Here, we will discuss the chemical stresses that you may endure and the things that you can do to decrease your exposure to this type of stress. Chemical stresses can be grouped into categories. There are environmental chemical stressors, nutritional chemical stressors and what I will call elective chemical stressors. Environmental stressors can include the countless thousands of synthesized and unnatural chemical compounds that have been introduced by chemical, pharmaceutical, “food” and agricultural industries. And while these advancements have been helpful in many ways, in other ways this proliferation of synthetic chemicals has led to a heavy chemical burden on our environment and on all life. Please don’t peg me as some enviro-leftist, but reality is reality. Biodegradable chemical compounds can be broken down physically or enzymatically into less toxic smaller parts. But some chemicals do not break down as efficiently and build up and pollute the world we live in. The same thing occurs in the body. Some chemicals are handled easily and are passed out of the body and others, the body doesn’t really have the mechanisms to detoxify and get rid of and hence they accumulate in the body. These accumulations of chemicals can then wreak havoc with the body on a cellular and genetic level. And yet, we scratch our head and wonder why the incidence of cancer is rising compared to the other diseases that ultimately do us in. The answer is not so hard to surmise if we just face the truth. So, how does one realistically reduce their exposure to these environmental stresses? Since the threat is so pervasive, it is difficult, if not impossible to fully avoid these chemical exposures. This is why we need our bodies to be in top condition in order to protect us, as best as it can, from the ravages of this form of stress. Now, we can do something to mitigate our nutritional and elective chemical exposures